Monday, August 4, 2008


well Sunday was a good day.

We got to go to church for the first time since we left home back at the end of may. We were mostly traveling on Sundays to get to each place that we wanted to go to.

The church is an English Baptist church.
and they were very friendly and welcoming. The person who first greeted us said that she "is expecting to have a baby this afternoon!" that kinda took us back until she
said her due date was Tuesday. So I will email her and thank her and wish her luck.

We then went for a drive and ended up in Soignes again and ate at the Carrefour (The store was closed).

We came home to have a very very lazy day. We had supper in the hotel (to lazy to go out to eat) and came back up to watch a movie on Dave's computer. This brought us to 10 pm and Dave wanted to watch a show on TV. At the same time there was a thunderstorm coming in. The Station was cut out so while we were waiting we pulled back the curtains to watch the storm curled up on the bed. It was kinda nice even though it was an exciting part of the show that was cut out. The TV was cut out for 15 min. Then it was to bed.

We woke up this morning to a bright and sunny day. now to think what to do today.

You know- I miss having home cooked meals the most right now. There are a lot of things to miss- but thats the biggest one right now. Others include: English, Tim Hortons, and my own space (appt. or house)

Oh- i have created a quiz on Facebook based on this blog. Check it out.


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