Friday, August 1, 2008

end of another week

well this week again passed by with out anything special happening.

We did go to Soignes for supper and to the Carrefour (wal-mart type store)This is a pretty little town about 10-15 min down the road from us. We also discovered that there is a McDonalds that has a parking lot (for when we crave something like home) haha- nice eh?

This week is a lot hotter then every other week. We even had some muggy weather. because of this I have not been biking at all this week. I was spending most of my time in the pool! That has been great!

Besides this there hasnt been too much exciting. I am planning on meeting a high school foreign exchange student that visited for one semester. We probably will be going to his home town in a couple weeks from now.

I have taken photos from around the hotel but Dave has the cable to I cannot load them up and post them. soon you will have some more photos.


Duffman said...

Hey Debbie! Sounds like you guys are finding your groove over there. I imgaine that when you guys move to the states that the first few months will feel a bit the same. Like you're in a strange land that you're just visiting. The cool part is that you'll have lots of free time to scope all the best places for everything in town!

Debbie said...

It probably will feel the same but at least I will know the language!!

Im sure most of my free time at the beginning will be painting etc at the house. The town will be easy to explore (i know 1/4 of it already)

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