Friday, August 29, 2008

Being Social

Well most of you who know me know that I love to socialize and Dave not so much.

Well this past week has been very active for me :)

Last Saturday I went to the Church for a Womans Night Out type event. We met at the church and had a healthy supper and shared stories and tips. The Pastors Wife (Dorothy) had a lot to talk about and it was a good night out.

Then on Wednesday night one of Dave's co-workers (kinda manager like) wanted to know if we wanted to meet in the hotel bar for a drink. We though sure a drink is fine. It was 9:30 pm and sounded good. He ended up buying me a bottle of wine and had one glass and then I had the rest! I don't think I have ever drank more then 2-3 small glasses of wine at a time. This was a lot more. We had some lovely cheese and the guys had a few beers. We ended back up to the room at 1:30 am!! wow- its been so long since we stayed up that late or drank that much. Not that it was over excessive - but still!

Thursday we got up at 8am (so not much sleep) and got ready for the day. I was picked up at 9am to go to a weekly Womens Bible Study on the NATO base. This was the kick off and I met many people (cant remember names though!). During the ice breaker (find people who match the criteria like whose an only child etc) I found a Canadian who gave me her card. I emailed her when I got home. She replied with an invitation to the Canadian section of base on Friday for a "Beer Call"

Friday Dave will be getting off work early to pick me up to go to SHAPE(base)for 3:15. We will be meeting that Canadian at the front gate where we will be signed in. Since its summer time, there are a lot of changes and new people coming and going from base.

So my social calendar is filling up.


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