Friday, August 22, 2008

eating out this week

Well last night Dave and I were thinking about what we had ate this past week. Since we eat out a lot it was a bit of a struggle to remember what it was this week.
I'm sure you don't care- but I'm bored and this is my blog :P

Monday - we went to the Carrefoure in Soignes. Its about 15 minutes down the road. Its a small town but nice to go to for dinner. The Carrefoure is the wal-mart type store and we got some groceries there for my lunches. We went to the cafeteria type store attached to it. Its called the Lunch Market and is quite good. Since its a cafeteria we get to choose what we want by pointing. Once you order your main meal you get as much vegetables as you like. Its also quite cheap for meals around here.

Tuesday - We headed back to Soignes to get some Chinese food. We went to the buffet place there for the first time. Its not cheap but it does have the Chinese food we are more used to, unlike the one that we have been to in Nimy. This place also had a tapinacki(sp?) bar. This is where you take the raw ingredients and give them to the cooks. They then boil, fry and add sauce to them. Dave tried it and said it was good. I will have to do that next time.

Wednesday - We went to a church meal at a nearby hotel. This hotel is for Americans so we had to be signed in by an American. The church that we have attended make a meal there once a month (twice a month in summer) for the Americans when they are in transit. They were kind enough to invite us as well. But- this time they just did salads (we missed the BBQ a couple weeks ago.) we got to meet some new people but most were kinda clique-ish or worried more about their kids.

Thursday - We went to Chi Chis again. Its been a while since we went downtown to the Grand Place for dinner. If I haven't mentioned it before Chi Chis is a Texas/Mexican type restaurant. I have nothing special to say about it but that it follows the typical 2 hour Belgium meal. Once you order you get your drinks and then wait. Your food comes so piping hot (on a plate thats been in the oven) that you have to wait a few minutes before you can start eating. Then you wait and wait and wait and wait. They come and take your plates away, ask if you want anything else and then they are content to let you sit longer. You have to ask for the bill when you want to leave. Most of the time there is only one or two waiters for the whole restaurant. This makes waiting even longer but for most Belgium's thats normal. Its a social thing to go out for dinner, unlike North America where you go get food and thats it.

Friday- We ended up going out with Dave's co-workers to TGIF. This is a regular Friday night thing. They pick a bar/pub and go drink for a while. We went to a restaurant where we sat out on the patio. We moved at least 5 times to get closer under the umbrella as the rain started to pour harder and harder. It was quite a good time though. I had a Strawberry beer. I know that sounds gross- but theres not much of a beer taste. They don't have much for things like Bacardi Breezers so they have different flavours of beer. The most popular is the Cherry flavour (kriek). I also tried Raspberry last time we went out. They also have banana,pineapple, plum,apricot, exotic and many other flavours. After a few beers were consumed the group moved over to the McDonald's for some quick food before heading over to the cigar bar. This is not our cup of tea so after McDonald's we went home.

And that was our week of eating out :)


Dallas said...

Your tapinaki sounds like the Mongolian BBQ places we have here. And I wonder if the Chi chis there is the same chain in the US.

Debbie said...

I have a feeling that it is the same chain.

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