Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dave to the rescue

Friday night we went out for TGIF in the Grand Place where i met 3 of daves coworkers.

Well today was an easy day. It started out with sleeping in and going for breakfast around 9:45. Then it was back to the room to hang out for a while. I uploaded some more pics to the computer so I will upload them to the internet soon. I am running out of space so I may need to use my debbieschilstra@gmail account to post more. But for now I should be fine.

We then headed out to the mall to see if we could get a new case for daves blackberry but there was none to be found.

From here we headed into town to do an hour walk geocaching tour of the town. That was a lot of fun!!
We got to see some things we haven't see before.
We also saw 2 weddings and 2 more processions. They drive through town honking their horns and screaming out. This is after the night before where many of the brides to be come out and try to get money and pictures of themselves with single men. They are usually dressed as witches or other crazy costumes.
I will post some photos of these things.

When we finally got to the location of the cache we hear meowing. It was coming from the tree that it was hidden in. Looking up we finally saw a white kitty bum. The kitten was scared and little. We only had 15 min before our parking ran out. The kitten had a hard time getting to a place where we could help her. She was very unsure of her footing. She got to a place where Dave could finally reach her with only 5 min left on our parking. The kitten was very cuddly and was purring so loud! she was so thankful for being helped down. She was soo sweet that I wanted to take her home! But since she looked so healthy and friendly I guessed that she was someones cat. So we had to let her go. She did follow us for a few feet until something distracted her.
I didn't get a pic of her rescue but i did just as she came down.

so i will go post the pictures now... ttyl


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