Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Years Eve 2014

This year, while in Canada, we decided to go to the Oh Canada, Eh? Dinner show in Niagara Falls. 
Dave, Debbie, Michelle, Amanda, Melissa, Bob

A group of 6 of us get a table for ourselves.

It was a great show full of show tunes. 

Cabar-EH! at the Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show
Cabar-EH! Musical Revue & Dinner - Our talented cast take to the stage to perform their favourite hits and classics, a great way to ring in the new year!  Our New Year's Eve Bash also features a live dance band, champagne toast and more! Performing December 29 and 30 with our Cabar-EH! New Year's Eve Bash on December 31,2013.

They provided new years gear

The place was packed!

Dave got to enjoy some Canadian beer

Dinner included: Salad, Cream of mushroom soup, ham and cheese stuffed chicken, Fish, steak, potatoes and veggies with a maple cream topped marble cake. 
It was soo good!

 We enjoyed some Entertainment.
 The Waiters were the entertainers too. (ours was the brunette)

After the entertainment they moved the tables and set up a band. they played 50s/60s/70s type music and acted like a 1950s band- all bouncy and happy :)

Happy New Years!

It was a great night. 
It had something for everyone. 

more pictures:
(And no one knows that I wore my winter boots all night instead of changing into dress shoes.)


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