Sunday, January 26, 2014

meet and greet 2 and night caching

NinjaChipmunk ( +Debbie Hudson ) hosted another geocaching Meet and Greet. 

+Dave DeBaeremaeker and I got a sitter and were able to enjoy the night without having to fuss at kids!

 We had many people who can come out for the first time

 the 2 on the left came up from Charlotte and stayed at our house and went caching with Dave the next day.
the 2 on the right had not even signed up for a geocaching account and they came out to meet new people and see what it was about
 full house!
 We really packed the room and will need a bigger room next time!

First cache ever!!

It was a fun night!

I hope those new to caching will sign up and continue to find new ones!


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