Thursday, January 16, 2014


Abigail has been talking a lot lately and has been developing a sense of humour. 
(20 months)

Silly faces

Jan 15th, 2014
So Abigail was crying in bed after she had been quiet for a while. That is unusual for her. So I decide to go in.

AS soon as I open the door she stops crying and says "nose, dirty"
so I say "do you want me to wipe your nose?"

SO i wipe her nose and tuck her back in and ask if she needs anything else."no". So i say goodnight and close the door and hadnt heard from her since. 

ps- i dont think it was dirty

examining my quilt

Jan 16, 2014
Abigail is at the nursery and I picked her up after Bible Study. 
She had her sippy cup in her mouth holding it with both hands after I got her jacket on.

I asked her to put it down so i could button her up. 
So she takes her hands off of it. I can now reach her buttons at least. 
but I say "thats not what I meant when I said put it down"
so what does she do?
with sippy cup hanging from her teeth she looks down!

its true that the sippy cup got lower... just not what I was expecting!

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