Wednesday, August 3, 2011

do I need an intervention?

here's the situation:

Im looking on facebook at some photos that someone posted. I barely know her. She is the groomer for our dog in a chain store in town. We see her a few times a year (or dog doesnt get groomed its just her nail trims) but I have her on facebook.

Well she posted pictures of her nursery. My first thought was I have THE PERFECT fabric for that room!!!
(I used it for this quilt and this one)

She even had a few owls in the nursery!!

I wanted to get up off the couch (at 11pm) to start making her a quilt.
I dont know her.
but I want to do a quilt.
I have been inspired.
I have 2 other quilts on the go (almost done) and many more in the works.



JeKyle said...

You've been inspired...make the quilt.
Don't give it to her...she probably has lots of blankets, and I'm sure some will have high sentimental value. Offer to sell it to her, and if she doesn't want it, you have a quit ready to give to someone who will appreciate it much more, or you can sell it and use the funds for more quilting supplies. Just my humble opinion.

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