Saturday, August 20, 2011

New fabric place

Here's what I am working on. Next step- basting
I hadnt thought of this pattern for HST but I like it. 
 So on Thursday I went to a quilt guild meeting. It was the first time I have ever been to a meeting. Everyone was 40+ there making me the youngest by at least 10 years.
It was ok- I like the show and tell part. I will keep going and see how it goes.

But while I was there- someone shared a new place carrying fabric, Sew Help Me. It is a place downtown that does mostly repairs etc. They are starting to stock some fabric and not just any fabric- they are carrying name brands like Moda and Bella.

Right now their selection is quite limited but they are keeping prices LOW!

look at this:
 I go BOTH charm packs for under $13!! they were less than $6 each! how awesome is that!
 I will definitely  be heading there more often now I know what they are carrying!
 such cute patterns

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