Saturday, August 23, 2014

martian skins

let me tell you a story that my dad told my son.

See that pond over there?
see all the green stuff in the pond? 
(way more than in this photo as this was taken later)

do you know what that stuff is?

its Martian Skin. 

really, it is. 

Do you know how it got there?

Martians come at night, once they know you are sleeping, and dive into the pond. There they shed a layer of skin which then grows into the algae. 

the Martians then zoom back up to the sky and they go so fast they dry off quickly. 

This story came up because we were cleaning out the pond for my sisters wedding. 
Zeke was a big help 
mom and Melissa pulled it out and then let it dry. this is them cleaning up the dried algae. 

Later we went to visit Dave's parents and went to a local marina for a walk. 

we were walking along and then we hear Zeke exclaim "look! Martian skin"

We tried to get him to think this was a spaceship. 

He just told us its a thing to pick up the martian skin. 
more martian skin


so this has become a thing at Pake and Grandmas house. 
but would it last?

We get home from our trip and Zeke sees these guys on Phineas and Ferb
and calls me over and says "mom, those are the martians that left their skin in Pakes pond!

oh, his poor teachers! they will not know what he is talking about!


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