Tuesday, August 12, 2014

11n11 quilt

I was asked to make a quilt for someones daughter who was on an 11 month mission trip. 

Her Daughter, Samantha, joined the World Race.

The first World Race squads launched from Mexico in January 2006. Literally knocking on doors and sleeping on streets, it was a raw adventure of faith. While in Swaziland in 2007, the Lord told Seth Barnes to structure the World Race for a movement and to give it away to our generation.
The World Race continues to change. It is expanding overseas and in the States, yet its foundations stay the same. It is a journey to 11 countries in 11 months to serve "the least of these" while amongst real and raw community. It facilitates discipleship through the process of discovering into the abundant life He promised. It births partnerships with ministries around the world. It requires Luke 10-like faith.
 you can find her blog here : http://samanthakirby.theworldrace.org/

 Melinda wanted to commemorate her daughters awesome trip in some way and decided a quilt was a great way to do that.

She and I met one day and did a planning/ brainstorming meeting. I also changed it a bit once i started sewing and putting things together.  Im glad I did as it would have been much bigger (and it already finished fairly large)

I had one little problem when I switched up the design. luckily i sent this to her and she saw it right away!

last row is backwards


I used t-shirts for the back so i was a bit worried about the back being straight when quilted. 
So i taped it to the table so it was straight while pinning

and I taped the batting down too

i think this angle will work nicely for quilting. 

yep- cross hatches needed

I had a little helper

the countries with the appliqued arrows to show the direction of travel.
She spent approximately a month in each of the countries. 

team name

#11n11 and WR symbols on a t-shirt

from a t-shirt with her blog address

guiding Bible verse

first time making a hanging sleeve like this (yes the middle one is off center... grr..)

my quilt police (they just like getting into my pictures)

my label

my signature. I have done this to most of my quilts. then I was told to add the labels

another of the back

and temporarily hung in my living room so Melinda could see it in its glory (even if its hung crooked)

here is Samantha with her quilt: 

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