Thursday, February 20, 2014

All About Me update -feb

So I have been going to aqua classes 3-4 times a week.

my week mornings look like this
monday- aqua
tuesday- aqua
wed - aqua
thurs- Bible Study
Friday- Walking OR aqua depending on the weather.
Sat- aqua  when I can.
Sun - church

So it has been going pretty good. The class I like is meant more for seniors but its the one that fits my schedule best. So I just amp it up a bit more than what's being taught. (more running etc)
(depending on the teacher)If I didnt feel like I got "enough" out of it I will stay for half of the cardio aqua class that is mon, wed, fri.
there is only 2 hours of child care available at a time and I need to have time to get showered etc after class.

I also just took my first Trainer Session 2 days ago.
oh man - that was rough. good, but im still sore.

I just have to say - Planks hurt!

but imagine my core /ab muscles after a while! I think thats whats hurting the most and a bit of my legs.
She wants me to do this twice a week as well as my aqua classes. She knows I like them better so she wants me to keep going to them since I enjoy them. (I get a good workout when she is the teacher of that class!

I have been following my friend Michelle on facebook and on her blog . She has some great exercise related posts. (and I apparently motivated her to get back to exercising again!)

And now the food:
I have not changed too much of what I am eating quite yet. Working on portion control first and adding in more veggies. Its hard when Dave doesnt like many veggies so I keep cooking the same stuff. (yes we still eat out occasionally and sometimes its at fast food places- deal with it)

I got a box of produce from Wild Pilgrim Farmstead. They are a first generation farm providing produce to locals.
 We love the simple things in life! We enjoy spending time with our family, growing quality food, and creating artisan products from our farm. We are not certified organic, but use organic practices in growing our fruits, vegetables, and meats. We raise entirely grassfed Beef and Lamb. During winter we feed certified organic hay from Reedy Fork Feed in Elon, NC.

We are an Appalachian Locally Grown Certified farm. This certification means our farm has been inspected and that we actually grow what we sell.
We are also vendors at the Watauga County Farmers Market in Boone, NC. This is a 100% locally grown market. To be a produce and meat vendor you are required to raise 100% of what you sell. The market manager visits each farm to verify this when a farm becomes a member of the market.
General information
Our farm supplies Year Around Produce using OMRI approved methods through the use of Heated High Tunnels, Unheated High Tunnel Greenhouses, Low Tunnels, Field growing, and Frost Blanket coverings. We also raise grass fed beef and lamb. Our added value products include Pickles (we are a certified acidified foods producer), Cajeta Mustard (goats milk caramel mustard), gourmet jams and jellies.

this box includes:
- potatoes
- garlic
- apples
- carrots
- mushrooms
- acorn squash
- sweet potatoes
- green onions
- tomatoes
- romaine lettuce
- collard greens.

Its kinda fun getting a box of stuff and to think what you might use them for!
any recipe suggestions for using these ingredients?

So thats where I am right now with that. 

For my sewing- I still haven't done a thing with my bed quilt but that doesnt mean I havent been sewing for me. 

I have been making a few bags for aqua class. 
They have been kinda popular at class and a couple people have asked me to make them some!

I also added the lights that I got from Black Friday to my quilting space finally. (my room is brighter than this shows though!)

Oh- and the other thing is the Housekeeper- so far so good! I think every other week is about as long as I can go before the house becomes a disaster area. She has been here a couple times and It makes me happy to have her around!

Shoot- looking at the list from January - I still need to call about my wisdom teeth!

I attend a bible study weekly that has a 5 day homework component. I have been really bad about doing the homework in 3 days instead of over the 5 days. I still do not have a good personal devotion time. 


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