Monday, February 3, 2014

quick and easy tote part 2

So I made a swimming tote here
using this tutorial: 
Super Easy Tote Bag Tutorial from Poppyseed Fabrics (follow her directions. I am just pointing out my differences)
but it was too small. 

So I tried again. 

and upped the size. 

bag pieces: 

2 batting pieces 25x20
2 bag pieces 25x40
2 pocket pieces 25x30.5
webbing- 4 yards cut in 2 pieces

I also used some leftover fabric for a pocket.

fusible fleece 

As with most things I tried something new with this bag. 

I decided to use fusible fleece instead of batting.

not sure the sides are as stiff as I would have liked. but thats not a problem.

I took my pocket material and lined it up and then sewed it down the middle.
I then made some pleats for pockets to hold more. 

sewed them down. 

I read a tip somewhere about working with vinyl covered cotton was to put the satin scotch tape over your foot and on the plate- leaving room for your feed dogs. 

I then sewed down to create the pockets. 4 wide pockets and 2 flat pockets.

so on the other side I did the layering and sewing on the handles.

I also sewed about 4 inches up from the bottom so the pockets didnt go all the way under the bag for me to loose stuff in. 

Using some heavy duty Heat and Bond I stuck a piece of Peltex Ultra Firm stuff for the bottom. 

Large bag
nice pockets

much bigger

with the same stuff in it


And I think it really is too big. 

The strap is too long. I think using 3.5 yards and cutting that in half would have worked out just as well. 
I do like the peltex at the bottom and the pockets. 
I should have made the pockets a bit lower so they would have sat closer to the bottom. Thats only because the shampoo etc I put in them weigh it down. and when I set it down- it collapses inward.

BUT its the perfect size to toss a quilt into or to take more than one towel to the beach or pool (with kids)


Dallas said...

It's a cute bag! I love that you're already thinking about beach weather. :) And thanks for the tip about tape for sewing with vinyl. I was wondering if it was hard to sew with and got sticky.

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