Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nexus 7 holder and tote

So my mom and dad stopped here on their way down to Florida. She had seen my bags and I offered to make her one.
I quickly made her a bag to take with her to Florida to the pools etc. 
She picked out the fabric and strap to go with the flowers.

inside pockets

Its big

Big enough to fit a small child (obviously the men care about us putting a kid in a bag)

I think she was happy with it. She can easily fit in the two towels and other stuff she needs

While they were here they got a Nexus 7.
I VERY quickly whipped up a case for it. Thats why its all raw edges etc.

pocket for the stylus and charger

So there you have it. 

now they have a project for me to work on while they are gone for me to hopefully finish when for when they head home. 


ans hollemans-goudappel said...

Wonderful presents!

Anonymous said...

These are awesome Debbie!

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

Then men don't care about the kid in the bag cause the men have seen it before. Not sure there has been a box or bag that boy has not squeezed himself into :)

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