Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jessica's Quilt

Jessica asked me to make a quilt with her daddy's shirts. He had passed away a year or so ago. 
I used Bonie Hunters meathod of deboning a shirt on you tube:

Lots and Lots of strips later....

stack o' blocks

kids liked it

labeled with an old piece of jean


She only wanted no pill fleece on the back and no batting. 
the quilting showed up nicely on the back!

She also wanted 3 -12 inch block finished mini quilts and a small wall hanging. 

 quilted in the ditch



mini quilt

mini quilt back


Unknown said...

You did an amazing job, Debbie. I've gifted 3 of the 4 and will send the other to greensboro this week to my other sister. Thanks so much for blessing my family so significantly.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Beautiful. It's like wrapping yourself up in dad's arms. I love it.

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