Monday, December 30, 2013

Quilty Year in Review


To start off the year I cleaned up my quilting room in the basement.
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I had a hard time giving up a quilt I made last year so I redid it and made it bigger.
As you can see its a hit with the kids :)

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I made my first ever Mei Tai baby carrier (of a few this year)
I used this one A LOT the first half a year while working around the house especially making supper with an Abigail on my back.

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This Quilt I still havent given away yet. It remains on my shelf.

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A friend wanted me to help her with this pattern and I loved it and made it fairly quickly. This was a new quilt for Zeke.

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I made this quilt for a friends daughter. The back was more springy and less Dora for her while she grows.

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There is so much I love about this quilt and the person I gave it too.
Baby quilt for an unexpected miracle baby. It was my first time doing circles.

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I went to a friends house and made some reuseable baggies.

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I did a couple tutorial posts:
How to line up blocks across sashing:

disapearing 4 patch

Then I made a quilt for Abigail. I called it - Dont Bug Me :)

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I then put together a tutorial together for the Mei Tai baby carrier

Tutorial here 

Which I gave to my friend for her baby shower
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We went on a road trip and posted two blogs about some of my quilty adventures.
Quilt shops: post here
Quilt Museum: post here

I didnt post any quilting blogs because we were on a road trip and camping .


I got to go on my very first quilting retreat. It was a lot of fun!

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My second circle quilt and I did raw edge applique.

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Sorry - no quilty blog posts in October


I did a tutorial blog post about hiding your threads

A friend asked me about making a quilt from her daddy's pj pants. He had passed away. This is the design we came up with. Red was chosen to tie it all together because it was his favourite colour.

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Dave requested a geocaching quilt after seeing one at a geocaching event this fall.

We designed this together and made a wall hanging

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Jessica asked for a quilt from her Late daddy's button up shirts.
I made her this (She picked the design) and 3- 12 inch block and a wall hanging.

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You're very inspiring and you do beautiful work. What a talent you have. Happy New Year!

Dallas said...

I'm so impressed that you get so many quilts done with two little ones in the house. Hopefully, I can get back into quilting a little more this year. Can't wait to see what you quilt in 2014!

Kendra said...

I love ALL of these, Debbie! I have a favorite, though...betcha can't guess which one ;) Love you!

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