Monday, February 18, 2013

Funky Monkey take 2

I made this quilt for Meredith last year and had a very hard time giving it up!

So I ended up buying more material for another quilt. This time it was going to stay with me!

I started this quilt on Saturday Feb 9th
Dave got some "in progress" shots for me :)
I wanted it to be big enough to snuggle under. I had the boys test it for me. I added a 3 inch border around it.

Zeke really wanted to help me to he learned how to baste a quilt with pins :)

Since I had A LOT of pins in it I used this magnetic bowl to catch them in as I took them out while quilting. 

Its kind of hard to see the letters- but I signed it and added a heart because I pulled it out of the dryer on Feb. 13th and signed it the 14th. Done in 4 days! whoohoo

I used the sock monkey fabric for the backing. You can see the front shining though in this picture
You can go here: to see what the panels say. the center 15 blocks are the exact same as Meredith's quilt.

Zeke loves it and "races" around the outside blocks. 


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Beautiful blanket and so impressive to be done that quickly. Zeke is TOO cute doing the pinning. He's so intense. What size are your individual squares?

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