Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snow Pictures 2013

We went geocaching last saturday and a snow storm came and found us :)

It was one of those pop up snow showers that doesnt just happen around here.

We heard a soft roaring sound as the wind blew in and then it started to snow and then it started pouring snow. It was so lovely to hear the snow hitting tree branches etc.

You can read +Dave DeBaeremaeker 's account over here.

 There are about 20 minutes between this first picture and the last one.  Zeke continued to play in the falling snow while I fed Abigail and we had to be on our way home. By the time we drove 30 minutes towards home the roads were dry and snow was melting.

 This is when I realized that we dont keep Zeke's face very clean.
 note the snowflake on his eye lashes

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