Saturday, November 26, 2011

quilting- whats that?

wow- I have been in a dry spell since Aug. (minus the wedding his and hers quilts and finishing a small wall hanging )

Since getting pregnant I have not made hardly anything!
I am feeling it after this long.

looking a head I cannot see time to quilt until the new year- this is making me sad. I will have to try to squeeze in some time somewhere.

I have a table quilt that I am hand quilting to keep me a bit more sane.

But I am now 18 weeks and starting to feel the tickles in the tummy :D
at 16 weeks
I absolutely love that feeling!

dont mind the non smile- I was taking this while Dave was getting Zeke ready for bed on a self timer. 10 seconds can be very long.

hopefully I can get my but in gear.

Next up:
- Cleaning up the basement office/craft room/man cave
- move quilting stuff to basement
- redecorate guest room to make it my sons bed room

then we can start moving zeke into his room (out of the nursery) to make room for #2 and the whole toddler bed thing.
We hope we can have both a toddler bed and the queen  guest bed in the same room until I am comfortable with Zeke sleeping in the big bed.


Unknown said...

Looking good (we look the same)!!! I'm with you on getting my butt in gear, LOL. I need to start looking to set up Isabel's nursery :)

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