Thursday, June 23, 2011

a critter UFO done!

I finished another quilt!!

well to be fair I finished last week.

This is the quilt top:
 and the back
 I started on back when I was pregnant with Zeke. I started to take lessons when I was about 4 weeks pregnant and continued lessons until the week before Zeke was due.

While I was getting lessons I was working on this quilt on my own. I had a friend give me a lot of scraps when she heard that I was starting quilting. A lot of them had bugs or other critters on them. I figured out a way to use the most of the fabric as I could but pairing them with solid blue and yellow.

I have no idea if this is an actual pattern. I just made it up from the top of my head. Do you know if it has a name?

I have been calling this my Critter Quilt.

I sent this away to be quilted by someone with a long arm quilter.

 we chose a green thread to show up on both the blue and yellow. (we were debating yellow or blue thread first)

And its finished and on my guest bed. I was thinking if we have a child #2 that Zeke might end up in this room.

I just kept making blocks for this quilt until one day I laid them out and had a lot! I sashed in red and bordered in a bug print and bound in green.
I remember having all the blocks done and at a friends house for our craft group and laying them out on the floor. I was at least 7 months pregnant crawling around the floor. trying to lay them out without a blue and a yellow beside each other as well as not having the same critters near each other.
I had to enlist my friends help to see if there was anything near each other and with final placement.
I then numbered them to keep them in order.
My favourite block!! the cat is split between two pieces and is purrfectly lined up. 

after a wash I love the little crinkling. 

the back

You can see that I put the binding on backwards. I first attached it to the front and then machine attached it to the back. It was better than the first one I machine bound (blog post to come)

the front - you can see the machine attaching on the front. 

all folded up


Shannon said...

So cute!! Great job.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

It's a lovely first quilt - an eye spy, 2 rail fence, pin wheel quilt that grew with love. A learning experience. I love the choice of thread for the quilting and a simple loopy panto is perfect.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Congrats on a wonderful finish! The quilt is adorable and so bright and cheery :)

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