Friday, September 24, 2010

what a mess

Well those of you who have babies knows what its like to feed a little one.

You also know how exciting it is once they try to feed themselves.

For those of you who dont- have fun when its your turn!

Zeke loves to spit out his food with raspberries because hes not huge on baby food. We are trying all kinds of things to get him to eat baby food. We give him "real" food pieces and when he is chewing that we shovel in the baby food.

Another recent method is to let Zeke try it himself.

Here is Zeke learning how to get a spoon to his mouth:

this of course is a big mess for both mommy and babe.

So then we get to hop in the bathtub.

He has learned how to squeeze his squirt toys. This makes mommy wet and squeak. This makes Zeke laugh and do it again :)

I love this little guy. Even if he makes messes.
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