Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hickory American Legion Fair

We went to the Hickory Fair on Friday evening.
We got to see many sights- many of which Zeke has not seen before.

Racing pigs and ducks

A clown

a billy goat

He was a bit scared of some of the animals

A video of a couple things we watched. I think the dog one was a bit long- oh well.

We had a great day. I even got to have a Candy Apple!

We didnt see that many of the weird deep fried stuff (didnt look for it either) but the place we got a funnel cake was also selling deep fried oreos and chocolate bars.
I also had corn on the cob and some onion rings. Dave got a hot dog and fries. I later got a sausage.
Zeke of course got bites of our stuff. I fed him during the acrobats teaser. Too bad i dont have those same distractions at home when I feed him- I dont think he spilled any on his bib that time!

What is your favourite fair food?


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