Saturday, January 17, 2009

well our car is a write off

I had posted about our car accident a month ago and the insurance company just wrote off our car this past week.

It turns out that Canadian airbags are much more expensive then American ones.

The insurance adjuster that came at the beginning was apparently new and did not leave enough room for error when he said go ahead and get it fixed.

The shop had gotten the car ALL fixed except for the airbags. Because the airbags are on a Canadian car they are different then American. They are also twice as much!

The difference pushed us over our cars wreckage limit.

So Dave and I on a mission to find a car.

We have had a rental for a month now and are at the end of the insurance coverage period.

Dave and I continued the rental. We have been driving a PT Cruiser. I think they are kind of an ugly car but the interior is really nice. I like the space in it.

So we are starting today to find one or something similar to it. We also found out that we could buy the car from Enterprise. Even the exact one we are driving.

We are going to search today to find different models we like etc today and buying sometime next week.

So thats our mission for today.

wish us luck!


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