Sunday, January 18, 2009

cars, cars, cars, everywhere cars

Well we went looking for cars yesterday.

We saw so many that I almost cant remember where each one was at.

We came across only one sleazy car salesman and have decided to NOT buy from them. We didnt like the pushiness- so they lost a sale!

most of the car dealers just let us take the cars and most didnt take our licenses at all! We had two salesmen drive with us.

It was a good day overall and I think I could have gone a bit longer but Dave was done with it!

We were looking for used cars so we went to different lots and saw all kinds! So here is a list of cars that we looked at.

- Chrysler PT Cruiser
- Jeep Liberty
- Honda Element
- Honda 5
- Kia Rondo
- Jeep Compas
- Chrysler Pacifica
- Chevrolet HHR

We ruled most of them out for a variety of reasons. I liked the bigger ones but Dave didnt. Some just felt weird to drive or uncomfortable.

I think we came up with the PT Cruiser in the end. We now have to wait for our insurance check as well as deciding where to get the one we want. Almost every dealer has a PT on the lot. We also will be calling Enterprise to see what they have available and the prices.

Dave kinda wants to buy the on we have been renting since we are familiar with it and so far so good.

wish us luck!


Duffman said...

Good luck! Buying a car is more hectic than buying a house in my opinion. Just too many choices and too many things to go wrong.

Something to keep in mind about the rental car is that people ride rental cars HARD because they don't have to pay for the upkeep. Be sure to keep that in mind when they give you a price.

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