Tuesday, January 13, 2009

first of 2009

well this is my first post of 2009.

so far it has been a good year.

Dave and I went on vacation to the coast of NC. It was just as cool as at home, but much warmer then my friends in Canada.

Mom and dad just stopped by on their way home from Florida. I gave mom a hat that i knitted to match the scarf I made her for Christmas.

The friends I have hang out with love to do crafts and we get together weekly to knit, crochet etc and chat. WE recently found a store that is changing inventory so we got A LOT of yarn for 50cents a skein. MC is getting me addicted to it i think.
Im working on 2 blankets right now. One is a baby blanket that i stated when i first started working at Shalom (7 years ago!) I haven't worked on it consistently. The other is a blanket that im making out of squares. If I get them done i will post the pics.

here is mom in her hat and scarf. The hat was made as a flat hat and sown together. This was my first time making a hat and i think it turned out well. I'm going to have to try making a hat in the round sometime too :)


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