Monday, December 1, 2008

My Thanksgiving Weekend

My Thanksgiving weekend didnt start out so well.
Dave left me sleeping when he went to take the dog out for a walk. (we drive to a nearby walking path thats pretty flat and paved and no cars;) ) He came back in looking for his I-pod so that woke me up. Then about 6 minutes later he was back again!! He noticed that the front passenger tire was flat on the car!

not bad- you can just put on a spare and get it fixed right? Well maybe on a day thats not a holiday! Well I had remembered that Walmart was open so dave gave them a call and yes they were open and would love to serve us!

Sweet!? yes and no. the spare tire was also flat and as we only have 1 car, we had no way of getting it to the shop. So I tried calling the neighbours to see if they had a pump (no). No answer. Humm- now what? I walked over and knocked on the door (turns out they turn their phones off at night) since it was 10 am i figured they would be up (and they were hosting thanksgiving dinner there). Well they were willing to give us a ride into town as soon as they got dressed.

We got a new tire, pumped up the spare and life was good.
The rest of the day we hung out and went for a walk with Bailey and then for lunch at a restaurant for turkey dinner.

woke up early for Black Friday sales. We were at Walmart at 7am (opened at 5) and the store wasnt that crowded. It was like going on a Wednesday afternoon. We got most of the deals we went for. We then hit up Lowes which also wasnt that busy to get a shop vac for $25 down from 90! score!
I think everyone went to the cit for deals, leaving the deals in town for us!

We came home and I did some cleaning up. I had the girls come to my house for crafting in the afternoon. After which Aaron and Deborah stayed for supper and watching the Arrogant Worms DVD - which i believed they liked :)

Slept in a bit, took dog for a walk, went and saw the Santa Clause Parade in town. it was ok- typical small town parade :)
watched a DVD at home, not too much (that I can remember)

Went to church
Fixed the eaves troughs
Lunch out led to discussion of Wii and the purchase of one. It boiled down to me saying i wouldnt argue with the purchase of one and Dave wanting to blame it on me and we agreed. So we were off to Toys R Us to get it.
We bought a few games right away and spent the rest of the night doing that :)

that was my weekend. Expensive then good deals, cheap entertainment then expensive Gaming system.

check out my pictures below

Christmas season 2008


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