Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Christmas Letter

Welcome to my blog- those of you who have never been here before.

Well, My mom likes to write a letter up every year and there is always so much in it. I have decided to make a short letter on my blog for everyone to see if they want. So much happened this year so we will see how short it really is.

so lets start at the beginning of the year. At the end of January, I went from full time work at Shalom to causal. This was because of the long commute and the bad weather that usually comes in Jan and Feb. I did work quite a bit before my end date of May 17.

We then went to Honduras for 2 weeks to visit Dave's friends there. They are school teachers in a Christian school there. We even took a vacation in the vacation by going with the school on a trip and getting a different hotel.

I was again in charge of organizing Alpha at church. It went well with a small but good group. One of the highlights was the weekend "retreat" on a boat in the Toronto Harbour.

Not much happened until April when my friend, Amy, and I went to San Francisco!
This was an excellent trip until we learned we couldn't sleep in the same bedroom! Luckily the hotel had another room for Amy to stay in. We did all the touristy things there.
Many of you know (especially if you have been to this blog before) that Dave and I headed to Europe this summer for Dave's work and some vacation. So the end of May we were OFF. Our adventures are recorded here in this blog but I will give a brief recap. We had to pack up all of our stuff from our apartment and have it sit in storrage so we could leave and move right away when we got back.

We arrived in first in Ireland for a 3 week stint. We did weekend trips to the countryside and while Dave was working I toured around Dublin. Its a very rainy city and cool. We also celebrated our 1 year anniversary.

From there we went on a one week vacation to London, England.
Then a week of work in Munich, Germany. This was followed by 4 days in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for vacation and then 3 days in Paris, France where we met up with Steph (a friend)
From there we started the 3 months in Mons, Belgium.
Some of the places we visited from there include: Berlin, Germany; Luxemburg city, Luxemburg; Salzburg, Austria; Brussels, waterloo. Brugge, Antwerp, in Belgium; Nantes and Normandy in France

We went to Nantes to visit my sister (Melissa) who was just starting her Exchange Program school year in France.

We arrived back in Canada for only 6 days before we had to cross the border for our move to North Carolina. While in Europe we had bought a house that we had only seen one time before.
This house closed on Oct. 3, 2008. Its an older house and needs a bit of work but it so far so good.

Shortly after moving in we found ourselves on our way back to Canada for Ryan and Christines Wedding where Dave was a groomsman and I was the MC. WE are so happy for these two and wish them many years together.

On Nov. 2nd we got ourselves a puppy. Bailey Shatner McGee.

We have had both sets of parents come and visit us already and look forward to having my parents and Amanda (sister) come here for Christmas.

I look forward to your comments below (click on comments to add one)

We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love Debbie and Dave


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