Friday, December 19, 2008

car accident

here is a brief report of our car accident

it was foggy and we were coming home from puppy school. there was a large tire in the middle of the lane that i couldnt advoid and i hit it(must have come from a tractor trailer) - but the airbags went off and we had to pull over. because of that the hwy patrol came and we got a tow truck so now we dont have a car.

the tire hit the from drivers bumper and went away from the vehicle - so we didnt have much damage to the car. It could have been a lot worse! We are Thanking God that it wasnt!

EDIT: Friday Dec 19 10pm
here is some conversation i had with my mom:

mom: so how did you make out with your car? much damage to fix, is it fixable?

9:28pmDebbie: well- we were told the appraiser will be by within a week too look at what they want to cover.
who knows- maybe they will write it off- air bags are expensice

9:28pmNelly: thats a long wait! is it at teh garage waiting for the appraiser?

9:31pmDebbie: yep

9:31pmNelly: everyone asks if the tire still had a rim on it

9:31pmDebbie:yep- it was the whole tire like it was off a truck


9:32pmDebbie: but not much damage. maybe i will post a couple pics
we were on 321 its the main road- divided 4 lane highway

9:34pmNelly: where the big trucks go


9:34pmNelly: did the cop just happen by or have to call him?

9:35pmDebbie: I was going slower then the limit not much- but much more then i would have been - it was 55 and i was going about 50

we called, and he called the tow truck

i think we were going much slower by the time we hit it.

9:35pmNelly: slammed on the brakes?

9:36pmDebbie: both dave and i actually dont remember the moment we hit it. we both saw it at the same time, i hit the break and then loud poof and i was still hitting breaks, pulling over and stopping. and then dave just remembers being on the side of the road. the poof was the air bags

9:37pmNelly:instinct takes over

9:37pmDebbie: it filled the cabin with smoke stuff and was very stinky!
we got out quick and there was a lady behind us that called 911 for us
she saw the tire go away

9:37pmNelly: they says its bad stuff

9:37pmDebbie: its nasty, couldnt hear for a bit after either

9:38pmNelly: did anyone else hit it?

9:38pmDebbie: not that we saw- we think we hit it across the road and off the other side

9:39pmDebbie: but neither dave and i can get those split seconds when we actually hit it. in fact dave doesnt remember til we were stopped on the side of the road

9:41pmNelly: but the worst part is that its a pain in the butt to have to go through all the hassel involved

BUT the best part is no one was hurt!!

9:42pmDebbie:it easily could have left us and hit someone else. or many other things!

9:42pmNelly:angels watching over you & other on the road that night

9:42pmDebbie: no kidding
there were many thankful prayers going up

9:43pmNelly: you bet.
and bailey didnt have a clue what all the fuss was about

9:44pmDebbie: actually bailey took it well.she was a bit subdued today shes ok

9:45pmNelly: she proablly sensed some tension in the air, haveing to decide what to do next etc

9:45pmDebbie: she rode home in the car atached to the tow truck- i think she liked it- she fell asleep- the tilt must have made her comphy

9:46pmNelly: thats cute

how did you get around today before you got teh rental?

9:47pmDebbie:the tow truck guys came and picked us up and the when we had to leave the car there- they drove us to the car rental place- and waited til we were sure we had a car we could get- they were very good to us
they dropped us off last night with the car attached

9:50pmNelly:they are nice!


Thomas Stromberg said...

I'm glad you came out of that without any injury! In motorcycle classes, they always tell us never to outride our braking/avoidance distance depending on visibility. Granted, on a motorcycle, the effect of hitting a tire might be a bit more serious.

It's sometimes pretty hard to convince one to go 20mph on the interstate though. Take it easy!

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