Saturday, January 9, 2021

Baby quilt for melissa #3

 My sister Melissa had her 3rd baby! 

Because of the Pandemic I was unable to take this up to her and deliver it to her (or take photos) 

Little Harold was born Nov 16th and I mailed this quilt to them the same day. But I had it ready already. 

It started back in late 2018. My friend MC wanted to design a quilt and us do it as a mystery quilt. She was hoping for a tessellating pattern. 

I started with this plane fabric

found some to go with it!

turned out pretty cute

borders on

showing off at quilt guilt Feb 2019


It was too cute to just give away to anyone, so I wanted to keep it for Melissa if and when she had another baby. In fact I kept both a boy and girl quilt just in case. She doesnt find out the gender while pregnant so I had to wait for Harold to be born before mailing it so I knew which one to send!

a bit wrinkled from being folded for almost 2 years

isnt he cute!

and his siblings love him!


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