Tuesday, January 5, 2021

A quilt for Andrea's 'new' apartment

So long story short: My friend Andrea's apartment building had a fire in it. 

anywho- her quilt from me years and years ago was one of the things that needed to be thrown out. 

She needed a new quilt then. And my skills have gotten much better!!

so here is what I did. 

Pinwheel blocks

sew on triangle to make the snowball block. make extra sewing line to create a bonus block

bonus half square triangles!!

with the squares on but not pressed- like a snowball


now to do the white ones!


Because I didn't have room to lay this out i had to do it all on paper and match them up

you can see the hourglass shape

ready to head to the quilters- it got bigger than i had thought!! lol


with fun quilting!

bound and ready to go


front- you cant even tell there is winter princesses on it!




Unknown said...

That's beautiful, Debbie! The quilt, and the love that went into making it.

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