Tuesday, January 20, 2015

14 is fabulous Scavenger Hunt

I have been doing these scavenger hunts for 13 hunts now (missed the first one)

500 participants  are all given a list of 10 words (phrases) and sent out to create the best photos we can. 

This are my contributions:

Funny Face. 
My mom and Abigail traded glasses. my moms face was funnier but this had a better cute factor

This is a real plant. I got it in as much focus as I could. 

Animals are Awesome
We were to take photos that showed animals being awesome not just cute. 

Fall Colours
taken 5 minutes from my house. I love this area!

This is from Zeke's birthday party. I went with B&W so it would hopefully stand out from the bright colours of the rest of the photos

google Autoawesome tried to do a panorama and cut zeke out except his feet. I dont do spooky/creepy etc so I used this picture editing it to make it look a little more spooky 

I was drawing a blank as to what to use for witch when I went to my friends cabin. I hoped to imply witch from Hansel and Gretel or something.

When You See It
This category we were to make a photo that looked pretty safe but then hide something in it. usually something spooky. again- i dont do spooky. So this fellow was at the renaissance faire. 
When I saw the bunny slippers I knew I had my "when you see it"

I am not that romantic but when these two were playing I thought "budding romance"
This is +Dallas Strömberg s daughter. they came to visit overnight on a trip from California. 

Letter C
We were to take a photo of something with the letter C. I chose corn. 
this was taken on a field trip with the preschool. this was taken in a corn maze at about Abigail's level


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