Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tea Time for Deborah

I have a friend who really loves all things british. 
My guild was doing charm poker with red white and blue. Im not American so I looked for other non patriotic red, white, and blue charms. I found some christmas ones and then these!! I ordered both and used some of each for the charm poker. 

I knew who would be getting the rest of the fabric- but with what? humm... 

The britts like tea- why not a tea wallet?
I think i used this tutorial but didnt have long enough pieces so i pieced some together. 

but I still had some more fabric... A mug rug would be a good pair!
so i whipped one together.

 the back- straight line quilting

the front- I even ended up adding a little pocket for a teabag and spoon.

sorry for the cell phone pics I didnt feel like going downstairs to find my camera pictures!

found them:


kalliescotton said...

I really love these mug rugs. thanks for sharing

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