Tuesday, December 30, 2014

quilt guild gift exchange

each year my quilt guild does a gift exchange at the Christmas party.
This year we decided to do it a little bit different.

We had everyone bring in 4-5 fat quarters and put them, with their name, into a paper bag. Everyone then chose a different bag to take home. 
The rule was to use something out of each piece that was put in the bag. you could add from your own stash as well. 

This is what I made. 

She gave the yellow stripe, the red swirl, 2 of the batiks and one yellow. I had a hard time coming up with how I was going to use it. I bought the mouse pattern and my friend said the yellow looked like cheese. perfect!

I decided that she looked a little cold so I made a little shawl for her. 

 the hat and shawl are removable so that she can be out year round.
 The pattern called for only one ear and to sew the hat on. i made it with two ears. and made the feet stick up rather than point inwards like it called for.

here she is receiving it. 

and here is the one I made first to test out the pattern:

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