Friday, November 7, 2014

Home Improvement - driveway and screened porch

When we first moved into this house the screened in porch had this old ugly outdoor carpet in it.
The one corner was a bit smooshy but we thought it was just a loose board.  We just stayed away from it for the most part.

We finally got the other stuff in the house fixed up and it was time to do the porch. 

Our handyman Mr. Dale Hanson opened up the floor and found a whole rotted away section. He did a great job of fixing it up. 

The kids loved watching him work

As he fixed the edges of the porch

yay- new safe floor!

Dale and his buddy put in the tile on as angle as I requested. 
It was more work for them but I think it was totally worth it!

and then it rained!!

good thing the tile machine is used to water. 

(i was trying to get them to take a break while it was raining but they wouldnt!)


and a new door

with the furniture. 

And I bought new table and chairs (with some halloween decorations)

And the Driveway
We had the driveway done while we were in Canada. We came home to find our driveway paved for us with no inconveniences :)

The kids love the driveway to bike on!

the kids watching the recycling and garbage pick up on the new driveway


Linette said...

I have never heard of tiled flooring like that that is all new to me.
Learn something new everyday I thinks! lol

Just Fluttering Around

barbara woods said...

i love it, ours hubby left a crack in between each board so rain could drain

Cs dev said...

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Mr Fix It said...


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