Sunday, July 28, 2013

Quilting Adventures: New England Quilt Museum

I had a day in Massachusetts where +Dave DeBaeremaeker got to go geocaching with friends. 

This left me with both kids until dinner time. I looked to see the area they were in for quilt shops but I did notice that there was the New England Quilt Museum 

As I drove Dave to his friends house I also noticed a splash pad. 

This made my plans with the kids clear. 

First I took the kids to the museum for about an hour and then we went to the splash pad for lunch and splashing. We then went back to the hotel and then to the friends parents place to play in the pool. 
Im thinking of a  quilt something like this for my bed in different colours


Linette said...

Really love the Grandmothers Flower Garden and also love the one you wanna make for your bed, you go girl I wanna see the finished product. =0)

Fun, Factual, Weird, and Breathtaking said...

What a great display of quilts!

Unknown said...

I grew up in Lowell, not far from that museum.

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