Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rylee's Quilt

I was asked to make a quilt for a friend in Canada.

I had made her a baby quilt a couple years ago and they wanted one for when Rylee moved into her big girl bed.

The request was for a twin Dora quilt with purple and maybe some green.

My first thought was how to make it easy on myself since they didnt mind.

I found a panel online of Dora and some butterflies.

The panel includes the pink border as well.

I then decided to do some checkerboards and add a couple borders.
The reason the checkerboards are highlighted in different colours is because thats how I added them to the panel starting with the yellow. 

 I had suggested a bit more of a non-dora back for the quilt so that this quilt can be used as she gets older by just flipping it over.

I took a few yards and spread them out trying to get things as even as possible.

I had the quilter (Pam Bowman) use her "Flutterby" pattern to quilt it with. It fit very well with the butterflies that Dora is chasing.

I loved this fabric

It was suggested to me that I needed to label my quilts- and not just sign them. This is my first label and I hope it stays on!

lovely striped binding


With some of the leftover fabric I made a couple pillow cases to go with  the quilt. 

 there are 2 panels of dora - one running and one laying

They just picked it up this week and are already loving it. 

here is the pillow in use: 

and a video they made: 


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That is just stunning. You do beautiful work.

Becky =) said...

Great job Debbie!!! I love how you use your hobby to share love with everyone! Thank you!

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