Monday, April 29, 2013

Zekes car quilt

One day my friend asked me if I could help her make a quilt using a pattern she found online. 
Its New Wave Quilt by Oh, Fransson! Link here 

I looked over the pattern and thought it sounded easy enough. I had never done a tumbler block quilt before. 

Then I started thinking what I could make it with. I remembered that I had this car fabric, Peak Hour, that I wanted to use to make Zeke a quilt. 

Christina came over one day and we started cutting out our material and then I lay out my fabric into stacks and started sewing

**click on any picture to view them all larger**
 I hung the pattern on the wall so I could follow it.
 It didnt take me long to get the top finished. I wish I would have pressed the seams open like it suggested to! but hey- it still worked.
I sent it off to the Long Arm Quilters to get it quilted. We looked for a car pattern to use and she didnt have any that seemed to fit. 

 We finally found this car with the arrow that Zeke liked. can you see it?
 and I used some great dots for the back
 I was told I better start labeling my quilts instead of just signing them. so heres a label.
 and signed
 striped binding that fit well with the colours I had.
 This classified print is what got my attention in the first place. You can actually read the ads!
 laid out
 and put to use as soon as he could.

This is the first time I have made a quilt to a pattern. I had to make my own template  even. 
although I followed the pattern I added a bit more to it to make it bigger. 

the end result was 58x68 or so... dont remember exactly- but close to that. 

thanks +Christina Borrego Buck for finding the pattern and getting me to join you in making this!


Rosa Elvira said...

That is beautiful!!! I love it, great job :)

Lorna McMahon said...

I LOVE this quilt! And my favourite - the last pic... Sweet. Thanks sew much for this post. It made my morning, Debbie!

Duffman said...

The classifieds section is my favourite!

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