Monday, April 22, 2013

CITO 2013 Lenoir

Sunday Abigail didnt get down for a morning nap until 1130. She then continued to sleep until 1 when I woke her up. 
Because she slept so long in the morning she wouldnt be going for an afternoon nap at 2 as she normally does. 

This was great as +Dave DeBaeremaeker wanted to go to a CITO (cache in trash out) event held locally. We would be able to go with him!

go to Daves blog to see his version here

warning: there are snake pictures below

I hung out near the tent for the first 45 min as I needed to feed Abigail her lunch. 

I got to see a lot of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cachers picking up trash. 

then I decided to go for a little walk to the Dam

 Abigail was having fun too

NinjaChipmonk +Debbie Hudson is terrified of snakes but we had an expert Snake handler with us and he found this King Snake. She decided to even hold her. 
SO PROUD of her!

then some caching
(Zeke hid it much better than it was when he found it)

Zeke loved the grabber things

We even had the cops help with traffic control since we were cleaning up the road with cub scouts.

We got word on Monday that the lady at the Soil & Water Conservation Office (the folks picking up the trash from yesterday's CITO) estimates that we collected about 46 bags of trash and about 1,012 lbs. of trash. 
She said that someone else was going out to pick up all the tires!!! By the sign-in sheets, we had 45 folks attend (that includes the 2 police officers that were slowing down the traffic). 

Sounds like it was a success!!


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