Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Water Gun Wars

We have plans this weekend that include water guns. 
 Dave wanted to be sure that Zeke would be ok with getting water in his eyes etc from the water guns.
 So they went out in the back yard to have some fun
I joined them as Abigail was sleeping
 look out- we are coming to get you!

pretty cute gun slinger
 He is pretty good at it!
I think we should have fun this weekend.

more pictures here:


playmobil said...

You're less vulnerable as a group. Back to back when out numbered, a semi circle about your base in capture the flag, a hunting party with 3 times the senses, there's safety in numbers.

warhammer imperial guard said...

If you use this tactic, usually you are going in for a blitz, or lightning strike, where you as the assassin are attempting to rush the target, catching him or her by surprise. This is recommended as many times, the target is caught unawares.

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