Saturday, January 21, 2012

zeke picture updates

Here are some pictures of Zeke from the last few days.

Zeke and his buddy were playing "naps" and were giggling so hard!

 he was trying to make a frowny / grumpy face- but kept breaking up
 then he did "cheese"

 at a hotel- Zeke sat in there and pulled Baileys food in with him so he could watch Bailey eat.

 on his first train ride
 on a carousel   
 riding the second time with daddy
 watching planes take off
 we have a lot of I got one big tote for it

 first night in his Big Boy Bed
 And was still in it 12 hours later :)


Pokey said...

Thanks for the Zeke share, that lil' guy always has me smiling along! The Bob the Builder hat is cute on him~

Wanda said...

What a cutie. Thanks for letting me have your blog address @ quilt guild last night.


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