Monday, December 26, 2011

Its a .....


no- not really :)
but that is our "code name" this time around (some of you may remember that Zeke was "cletus the fetus" when he was of unknown gender in utero.)

A couple weeks ago we had an ultrasound planned where we would get to find out the gender if we choose. We didnt decided to find out until about a week before the ultrasound.

Once we did decide that we were going to tell people the gender the next thing we decided was to not tell names and we would tell our parents at Christmas (about 2 weeks later)

I then had to decide how we were going to tell the parents. We actually managed to not even have them know if we knew or not. That was a bit tricky- especially when they came right out and asked us "so did you find out the gender?"

I went to the baby section in my local walmart and found some cute bibs and booties to wrap to give the parents as the last Christmas presents of the day.

Here are their reactions:

First my mom and sister

 then Daves mom and sister

This picture was followed by some giddy schoolgirl feet stomping with a gleeful "ohhh! now I can buy pink yarn!"

So if you havent guessed- we are having a GIRL!

I cant wait to get home and start pulling girly fabrics for a quilt!!
only one problem of having to move all my quilting stuff to the basement- I guess it will be my first project there! (motivation- right?)


Kendra said...

YAY! Little girls are so awesome!!! Congratulations, Debbie - I know you guys are excited!

ans said...

Fun way to tell them that it's a girl!!

Deb said...

We knew it would be so! Second round of Lenoir babies and so many girls on the way! Congrats!

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