Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas lights and Birthday giveaway!

Good morning everyone!!

I wanted to show my Ikea lights in action:

Today (ok- so I posted this early- my birthday is Wendesday)  is my birthday...but even better than that - its my 30th birthday.

So I want to do a little giveaway. I have 3 charm packs that you can win.
I will use the Random number thing to pick 3 winners! First winner gets first choice, second winner gets to choose next... etc.

 The Bella Solids are 2 tones 

Contest is closed:
We have our winners :)

to Enter: Please leave a comment telling me what you like to do to celebrate your own birthday. 

Drawing will take place on Friday morning - giving you only a couple days to enter.
I think with these I can ship internationally.

good luck!


Anonymous said...

Ilike to thrift shop then go out to dinner!

jennyflowerblue said...

Hey; Happy Birthday!!!!! I like to be at work for my birthday- then have a special tea with my darling hubby and chatting to family on the phone. I like the fact a birthday makes a plain day special. Have a good one! x

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

I like winning things so I can give them to my wife for her birthday... :)

Unknown said...

happy birthday!

+1 for the giveaway

Gill said...

Happy Birthday!
I like to go out for a meal with all my family!
I hope you have a great day!

idajo2 said...

HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, Debbie (you don't look a day over twenty!!)

Cathy said...

happy birthday! and I do like to go and have fish and chips!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I love to have dinner delivered to my house where I can have a nice quiet celebration with my hubby. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your great giveaway!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Debbie!

Dave, I love your answer!

For my birthday, I love more than anything to have dinner with my brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, and my parents in San Antonio, TX. But now that I live away in North Carolina, I love to chat with them over the phone throughout the day and dinner with my hubby.

I hope I win. I'd love to start on a new hobby/ project ;)

Unknown said...

Almost forgot... I LOVE the lights!!

Ans Hollemans said...

On my birthday I like to stay home! Answer all the calls from Holland. Have the grandkids over for cake and receive their home made cards and at night have our kids and friends over for a party. That's really the Dutch way. Leo and I just go out for supper another time. I think I never saw so many 'Happy Birthdays' on a profile as on yours!!:)

Marcia W. said...

Your lights twinkling through the curtains is pretty. I like to celebrate my birthday with a chocolate cake made by my SIL. I also like to take my mother out for lunch, my treat. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

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