Tuesday, September 6, 2011

His and Hers quilts

I was invited to a friends daughters wedding.

I dont really know the daughter but I love her mom!!

I had no idea what I was going to give them as a wedding present thinking I would just buy something. Then about 2 weeks before the wedding I wanted to quilt!

I asked Judy to come over and approve the fabrics for the quilt.

Rebecca's favourite colour is orange followed by navy and grey.

humm.... I was thinking of doing a two tone quilt when I came across a pattern in one of my books!
I of course altered the pattern to make it into a lap quilt

BUT (and thats a big but)

I cut out twice as many blocks as I would need.

Oh what to do, what to do. I only wanted to make her a lap quilt.

I decided to do up two lap quilts and leave one as a flimsy to quilt up at another time.

Then I had time- so I did two quilts :)

I made one with a grey border and one with an orange border and called them His and Hers.

The size of the quilt was determined by the polka dot backing. I had 2 yards of it. So both quilts are apx. 42x60?? I never did measure them.

  apparently she also love polka dots- so yay for me!

I love the polka dot binding

The polka dots is a light flannel because she is always cold and is moving to North Dakota from North Carolina. HUGE change in winter temperatures!

I went to the wedding this past weekend.

Congratulations to Rebecca and Stephen! 


Shannon said...

Wow, they are so cool!! I love the idea of "His" and "Her" matching blankets as a wedding gift!

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