Sunday, February 20, 2011

A great weekend for fabric!

Back in September a Local Quilt Shop (LQS) closed its doors. They were not able to remain open. She (Nana) was going to continue going to quilt shows. Well this week she posted on her old facebook page that she was having a special sale this weekend. All fabric was $4.50/yd! (very good price).
She was renting a room in the Hudson community center.

Zeke had a great nap and then we headed out to the sale.
I got 9.5 yards and a fat quarter bundle.
a yard of each and 1/2 yard of the purple.
purple, pink paisley, orangey-yellow

pale yellow, pale blue, green

green dots, brownish green, light blue, white with black prints

fat quarters- very pretty red and white prints
I had a budget of $50 and I only went over by 22 cents!! yay me!


On Saturday I came home from the adoption event and Dave had a package waiting for me!!

Back when I started my fabric diet (8 weeks of not buying fabric) someone needed some fabric and wanted to have a swap. 
I sent her the fabric that she wanted and in turn she was surprising me with some bright fabric. 

The package took about 6 weeks to arrive.
EDIT: They were coming from England :)

Zeke got really excited to help me open it. He loves to play in the fabrics.

I was only expecting to get a yard and 2 fat quarters.

She sent me a lot more than that.

The clotted cream fudge was so much tastier than I expected!

and she sent some Cadbury chocolate! whoo hoo!

Such a cute card!
Love that fishy fabric!
key chain and a button as well!

 So this is a great weekend!
Now to go back to hand quilting that baby quilt :)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

A lot of yummy fabric! Oh, I have had packages sent to Canada take a long time - seeing the metal and candies - probably every customs office opened this package.

Pokey said...

Yippee for the new fabrics! I love your beautiful deals, doesn't that make them even better? Your fabrics from Canada are great, too, God blessed you for sharing. :-}pokey

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