Friday, December 31, 2010

Quilting machine

So I need some advice.

I am looking at getting a new sewing machine to do machine quilting on.

The machine I currently have does not have the features I want. I bought it because I was just doing hand quilting  at the point and just starting out.

What machine do you use?
What features do you like best? worst?

what do you wish yours did?

thanks for your help!



Corrie said...

I have a brother qc1000 which over there seems to be the babylock symphony? If you're not up for spending that much the features I love are auto tension, auto needle threader, auto thread trimmer, table for my quilting which you attach, lower the feed dogs, you want it to come with quilting feet if it does like a walking foot and free motion feet.

The machine I had before my qc was a brother innovis 600 which had all those features and was half the price, a bit smaller, less space for my quilts to go under.

Another thing I love is the light over my work, makes a nice difference!

good luck, it's always exciting finding a new machine!


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