Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cookie Exchanges

I went to two cookie and ornament exchanges this season. 

I liked them both.

The first exchange was when Dave's mom was here. She was able to come (and had baked cookies and brought them down with her.) It was hosted by Kori and Kristen from church with about 15 ladies attending. 
We had a yummy soup and salad supper. (very yummy baked potato soup and dip for Fritos)
We got to exchange 2 dozen cookies. I liked that we put name tags on who brought the cookies and the type of cookie. It made things easier to know what was there. 

We followed this by a "dirty Santa" ornament exchange. (You draw numbers and choose a gift and each gift can be stolen twice. The first person gets to choose at the end.) I drew the number 1! awesome!
Since the ornaments were considered "dead" after being in 3 peoples hands all the REALLY Really nice ones were gone. (Dave's mom got a lovely hand made wood ornament made by one of the ladies dads.)
I got this neat one that is a white lantern with a blue tinted light when turned on. 

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera along - so there is no pictures of this exchange. 

The next one was 6 days later at my friend MC's house. She had about 11 ladies there. 

For her exchange we had brought 4 dozen cookies BUT we also got to do some taste testing. This was a very nice treat! Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cookies mmm mmm!

The ornaments were displayed on the tree in the middle of the table (not everyone had theirs hung up yet)
The ornaments were chosen by the order that people arrived. (for once I was the last person there) 
I got this really sparkley red and gold spin-y ornament. 


One of the best things about these cookie exchanges was it was child and husband free :) 
I'm not sure that Dave would agree that was a good part!


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