Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My musical son

Dave and I were thinking about getting Zeke some musical toys lately.

We did buy him 2 maracas from Cracker Barrel when we went to the Nascar race.

We were talking about getting him an xylophone and other musical toys when I came across a bag of toys given to us by Emily months ago. I totally forgot about them (and also found clothes from someone else too ~I think I better go though my closets more often~)

I got these toys out before bed last night (bad idea.) Zeke stayed up an extra 30 minutes playing :)

The place I volunteer at has a player piano that Zeke just discovered last week. He found it again this week. he enjoyed plinking the keys so I sat him on the bench and let him play. After getting the video I found out that the piano is not for kids to play on (opps) so next time I will have to close the lid before he sees it again.

Speaking of volunteering- its getting harder to keep Zeke happy in his play pen and he really gets around when he is not in it. I am going to have to rethink this volunteering thing or get a babysitter. Its hard to think about paying someone to go to a place where I'm not getting paid.

My friend Deborah and I have talked in the past of switching kids so we can each volunteer and not have to worry about our kids. This would be an awesome swap. She isn't currently volunteering so she would have to set that up first.

anyway- back to my musical son- here is a video I put together.

I like how gentle he is with the piano. He was banging on the table a lot more and in rhythm before I got the camera out. I also didn't get him playing the xylophone

or you can find it here


Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

He definitely has a gentle touch on that piano keyboard. He must have gotten that from you, because he definitely didn't get it from me :)

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