Thursday, July 29, 2010


Its still in the house.
Dave is outside doing something with the lawn mower- changing the oil I think.
Zeke had a bath and wanted to go to bed early.


Just a fan blowing.

The lundry still needs to be finished... did you see the pile at the end of this youtube video? That was only half of it. I got about 3/4 of it done today with Zekes help.

I should be folding the rest but I'm taking a few me moments.
I will get it done while Dave is watching TV later.

I wonder if Zeke will sleep until 7:30 like normal (today was 8) or because he went to bed 45 min early if he will wake up early. humm. I rather he get up at 7:30 or 8.

ok- so this quiet is starting to get a bit too much. Maybe I will pull up some youtube videos or see what I have on my computer.


some of Barenaked Ladies Greatest Hits

so I think I will admit to something silly.
Last night Dave and I took Zeke on a walk down our street and on the way back I somehow tripped up on the wheel or something (and going downhill) that I twisted my ankle and landed on my knees. Zekes stroller ended up on the ground too- but he thought it was a fun ride (just went back so the handles hit the ground)
I think I may have hit harder because I was trying to stop Zeke from hitting the ground.
So I tore my newest capris and have a scrapped knee and a sore ankle.
This is NOT to garner sympathy but just for me to tell a story and thats all I have right now.

Dave has returned so this ends me time.

Have a great night.


Dallas said...

Sounds like a peaceful Summer night. :) Sorry about your fall - hopefully your new pants can be repaired.

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