Monday, July 12, 2010

3 week road trip

What a crazy trip!

We took a 3 week vacation in which we drove though 13 states and 2 provinces. (stats taken from daves blog )

We drove about 3300 miles (time for an oil change!), paid over $35 in tolls.

Traveling with Zeke went pretty good actually. He got a bit off schedule but trying to keep his schedule made us keep a slower pace and see more.

here is a brief itinerary of what we did :)

6/19/2010 Left Lenoir about 7 am and spent the night near DC
6/20/2010 Geocached on the way to Philadelphia at Kendras apartment
6/21/2010 Day in Philly- did you know they have 13 story tellers around the city and if you visit all of them you get ice cream?
6/22/2010 Drive to Mystic CT (via Statue Of Liberty lookout)
6/23/2010 Mystic for the day, ate at Mystic Pizza, hung out in state park
6/24/2010 Stayed in a central location -visited Plymouth Rock (disappointing)
6/25/2010 explore cape cod area, Chip factory, beach
6/26/2010 Explore Boston via walking trail
6/27/2010 Went to beach in Maine
6/28/2010 Drove to Montreal via Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory
6/29/2010 Montreal QC
6/30/2010 Geocached on way to Ottawa
7/1/2010 Spent Canada Day in Ottawa, saw the Queen
7/2/2010 Kingston at Justins house
7/3/2010 Stay in Kingston
7/4/2010 Visited with Brampton Friends and stayed at Andreas in TO.
7/5/2010 Went downtown Toronto and saw the queen again, got Poutine. Went to Daves sister- stayed in Dunnville
7/6/2010 Schilstra Family gathering
7/7/2010 Visit Family
7/8/2010 Lunch at the Mandarin with Daves parents
7/9/2010 Headed towards home. Stoped at 7pm
7/10/2010 Arrived home at 3pm

It was such a great trip though!

heres a link to the photos:


Kendra said...

NICE!! Sounds like you guys had an full trip!!! So glad we got to see you for part of it :)

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